Another Take on Rephotography

Gizmodo refers to them as time portals, but they are actually the rephotographic work of Russian artist Sergey Larenkov.  Mixing modern day street scenes with their World War II counterparts creates a spooky history lesson by showing the ghosts of a city’s past.  A very powerful example of this art form.  

Rephotography Gets Automated

Do you know what rephotography is?  I didn’t, either but the concept is fantastic and I’m glad there is a term just for it.  Rephotography is the process of taking a photo in the exact same location as another photo, but at another time.  And now MIT has figured out a way to use computers to display old photos on top of new scenes.  So, imagine your digital camera or iPad offering you the option to see fifty years of street views pulled from their databases when querying a specific location.  The power of something like this for environmental scientists or historians is immense.

(Via Wired)

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